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WOViCO – World Visa Consultant always take care of our customers, we act according to their needs and we make decisions based on the customer's future. We try to the best with our customers.

  • Free Assessment
  • 24/7 online service provides and response within shortest period of time
  • Documents are evaluated and processed by professional Canadian immigration consultants
  • Less errors and more success rate
  • We only take cases and process file when there is chance to qualify for immigration or other visa approval
  • Clients are protected by “Errors and Omission Insurance” from unfairness, error or wrong decision making during their documentation and visa processing
  • Maintains client’s confidentiality in all aspects and preserves client’s information and secured documents up to 6 years
  • Flexible payment options with refund policy in specific circumstances
  • Serving clients from both location Dhaka, Bangladesh and Montreal, Canada
  • Serving clients with equal responsibility even after completing visa processing or desired service obtained.

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    WOViCO – World Visa Consultant is helping in every possible aspect to fulfill your dream for work and settle in your dream country. We are assisting you with all programs like Express entry, General Skilled migration and Temporary visa. Nowadays its become a land of opportunity for the immigrants it’s time to take the opportunity and utilize it. We have an expert team to guide your application with value-added services. If you think to adapt a great lifestyle in Canada, Australia or any other country then WOViCO is the right place to start.

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