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What is National Occupational Code?

National Occupational Code is the national system of Canada that classifies the jobs based on the duty and work of a person. It is a recognised and standardised system that assigns a four-digit code along with the job description to every occupation in the Canadian market.

Every single occupation in the Canadian labour market holds a NOC code. The Code is assigned using the NOC matrix. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada use the NOC finder Canada to evaluate the immigrant’s profile based on their work experience. The NOC codes are one of the most prime parts of the immigration application. The immigrant has to claim a NOC code that goes well with their profile.

The NOC Code is assigned to an immigrant by skill type and skill level. The first two digits of NOC code is skill type and the last two digits is for skill level.


RCC use National Occupation Classification (NOC) to classify jobs/occupation under certain skill level. Jobs are classified based on the work of a person and the roles and responsibilities of a job.

IRCC classified Occupation under 5 Skill levels as follows:

  • Skill Level O (Management Jobs)
  • Skill Level A (Professional Jobs that usually require a University Degree)
  • Skill Level B (Technical Jobs and skilled trade jobs that usually require a College Diploma)
  • Skill level C (Intermediate Jobs that usually require High School Education or specific job training).
  • Skill Level D (Labour Jobs that usually require).

Who is Qualified as a Skilled worker / under Express Entry?

The Applicant job that he/she has done in the past should come under National Occupational Classification(NOC) Skill Level O, Level A, or B.Express Entry manage application for Permanent Residence only if the Applicant’s Occupation comes under Skill Level O, Level A or B under the program listed below:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)Program

A. High-Skilled and Low skilled work

All the management occupations that falls under Skill level 0, A or B are considered as high skilled work jobs. Any occupation that falls under skill level C or D is considered low-skilled work. For some occupations that fall under semi-skilled work, the NOC skill level for this work is classified as A, B, or C.

B. High-Skilled and Low skilled work

For the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, the immigrant should have work experience that has the skill type/level 0, A, B or C.

If the Applicant Job Comes under Skill Level C or Level D

Even if the Applicant’s Occupation Comes under Skill Level C or Level D, they have several options to come, work and settle in Canada. Those Applicants can apply under any of the programs mentioned below.

If the Applicant Skill Level is C, they can apply through the Intermediate-Skilled Program of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. (Need Skill Level O/A/B to apply under High-Skilled Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program)

The Applicant can migrate to Canada under Certain Provincial Nomination Programs like the Northwest Territory PNP, The Yukon PNP, The Prince Edward Island PNP(PEI), and others.

Also, the applicant can come to Canada as a Temporary Resident and work up to 2 Years and later immigrate to Canada on a Permanent Basis.

Job Groups for skill types/skill level

NOC Type 0

This category includes all the management jobs:

  • Restaurantmanagers
  • Mine managers
  • Shore captains
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Managers
  • Construction Manager

NOC Type A

This category includes professional jobs that require a degree from a university or college:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Architects
  • Professors
  • Scientists

NOC Type B

This category is for technical jobs and skilled traders. To this the immigrant need have a college diploma or training as an apprentice in the following areas:

  • Chefs
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics

NOC Type C

This category is mainly-concerning on intermediate jobs that mainly calls for high school or specific training. The following are the jobs that fall under NOC type C:

  • Industrial butchers
  • Long-haul truck drivers
  • Food and beverage servers

NOC Type D

This category mainly concerns on labour jobs like:

  • Fruit pickers
  • Cleaning staff

Oil field workers

NOC Skill Type and its Job Opportunities

NOC Skill Type and its Job Opportunities

SKILL TYPEJob Opportunity
Skill type 0Management Occupation
Skill Type 1Business, finance, and administration occupations
Skill type 2Natural and applied science and related occupations
Skill Type 3Health Occupations
Skill type 4Occupation in education, law, social community and government services.
Skill Type 5 Occupation in art, culture and relation in sports
Skill Type 6 Sales and service occupations
Skill type 7Trades, transports and equipment operators and related occupations
Skill Type 8Natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations
Skill Type 9 Occupation and manufacturing in utilities

Programs that require NOC

There are various programs in Canada that make you eligible for the NOC code. The following are the NOC code based on the skill type:

The people who fall under the skill type 0, A, and B are eligible for all the three federal programs of the express entry. They are also eligible for the Atlantic high skill program of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

The people who fall under Skill type C are eligible for an intermediate skill program that falls under Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

The people who fall under skill types C and D are eligible for Provincial Nominee programs if they are from Prince Edward Island PNP, the Northwest territories PNP, Yukon PNP, and others.

Find Your National Occupational Code(NOC) & Skill Level using NOC finder Canada

Press the button below to find out your National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code using NOC finder Canada. Through the NOC fonder Canada, you can also find your skill level and type. If your skill level comes under Level O/A/B, you will qualify to apply for the programs under Express Entry.


As per IRCC regulations, if an applicant’s job profile fails to match with the NOC title the application may face a refusal or rejection.

There are four key skill levels used under NOC to categorize and group varied jobs based on the roles of an individual.

  1. Skill Level – A- Professionals
  2. Skill Level – B- Technical Jobs & skilled trades
  3. Skill Level – C- Intermediate or Job specific training
  4. Skill Level – D- Labour 

The two skill types are 

  1. Skill type 0 (zero) – Managerial Occupations
  2. Skill type 00- Senior Management Occupations

Quoting the right NOC Code matching your job title in your express entry profile is a crucial aspect in availing your PR, the application will also be assessed on the basis of various other eligibility grounds.

Firstly know about the job market in the city you wish to immigrate and understand the demand for jobs favoring your NOC code, gain the required minimum work experience in the respective field, discover the opportunities and you will end up finding a suitable job. On the other hand, once an applicant submits his profile and stands eligible for express entry, subsequently during the time of processing the application, they have an option to upload their profile in the Job Bank a Canadian employment website to get notified to apply for a right job.

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